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At Next Level Basketball we are centered around helping others.  We ensure that we do this by giving every athlete the proper attention they need throughout our training sessions.  We pride ourselves in seeing each and every athlete improve their skills and grow as a player.

Growing up we always had a strong passion for basketball and getting better everyday.  We are confident that we can improve anyone's basketball skills and understanding of the game.  We focus on individual progress and form relationships with all of the athletes that we train.  Because we know that caring about all of our athletes goes a long way.  

One of the greatest opportunities in life is being able to share knowledge or something you are passionate about with others.  Next Level Basketball gives us that opportunity, and in turn we get to see athletes and kids improve their skills and understanding of the game.  Nothing makes us feel better than when a kid truly notices that they are improving and thanks us for it.  In short, we do this to improve the overall basketball level of every athlete that we train, because everyone has goals and ambitions and we love helping everyone achieve their goals.


Jalen Moore: 

  • Sky View: High school state champion 2012-13

  • Utah State: 2 time all Mountain West selection

  • NBA: Signed with Milwaukee Bucks & Wisconsin Herd

Grayson Moore:

  • Sky View: Region Champs 2011

  • Utah State: Team captain 2015-16 

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