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ALL-STAR SATURDAY 2020 IS in the books!

  • Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

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every session is specifically designed to challenge every group, individual, and team we work with



I've done a few training's and they were so great. I grew up a huge Jalen Moore fan watching him from HS on, so my first training I was kinda intimidated before. but that intimidation was quickly dashed away as soon as it started. the Moore's are very approachable and immediately talk to you like your a friend. if you mess up or miss a shot there is immediate encouragement and the opportunity to better yourself without losing any confidence in yourself or your game. the drills are fun, applicable and they do a great job of helping you see how you can use them on the court. I actually got really disappointed when he trainings were over because of how much fun I'd have. I 100% recommend Next Level



I hired next level basketball to train my son a year ago. These guys are the best trainers in the state. Not only has My son's game excelled since he started training with them but his confidence has improved tremendously. I appreciate the way they show and teach my son how to be exceptional on and off the court. Their personal attention and advice to me as a parent has been invaluable. Next level basketball training is top-notch and I highly recommend them!


NICOLE L. ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

We have loved what Next Level Training has done for our son! They are great with the kids and talented in what they know and teach! Highly recommend!

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